These terms and conditions apply to purchases in the online store operated by Vento Bohemia spol. s.r.o., place of business 735 35 Horní Suchá, Černá cesta 919, ID number: 25825348. The conditions define and specify the rights and obligations of the seller (hereinafter referred to as the "operator") and the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the "customer").

Order and conclusion of purchase contract

  • The customer selects the goods by searching for them in the goods catalog and including them in the electronic (binding) order, including the required quantity. A condition for the validity of an electronic order is the completion by the customer of all other data and requirements prescribed by the form.
  • All orders placed through the online store are binding. By placing an order, the customer confirms that he has familiarized himself with these purchase regulations and the complaint regulations.
  • In the case of an order for goods with the warning "Over 18 years of age", the customer confirms that he meets this condition and is the person authorized to purchase the goods. This fact can be verified upon delivery of the goods.
  • The purchase contract is created at the moment of acceptance of the ordered goods by the customer at the place of their delivery and their payment.
  • The place of delivery of goods is the postal address specified by the customer in the registration form.
  • By concluding the contract, the Buyer confirms that the personal data he provided is true and agrees that the data provided will be processed and stored by the Seller in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Rights and obligations of the operator

  • The operator undertakes to process the order and send the ordered goods to the place of delivery by the date specified in the goods catalog. The delivery time of the ordered goods always corresponds to the delivery time of the goods with the longest delivery time that occurs in the given order. If the operator will not be able to deliver the goods within the specified delivery time, he will inform the customer about this within two working days at the latest from the receipt of the binding order and at the same time propose an alternative solution.
  • undertakes to issue a delivery note and tax document for each order and hand them over to the customer together with the goods.
  • The operator has the right to refuse the order if the customer does not fulfill his obligation to collect the goods and pay the purchase price.
  • The operator has the right to refuse an order or part of it, if fulfillment according to this order or part of it becomes impossible (due to stock out, etc.), provided that he does not agree with the customer on a new fulfillment.
  • The operator reserves the right to process orders first for wholesale customers, then retail and online store orders.
  • The operator reserves the right to reject an order or part of it regarding goods that are no longer manufactured or delivered at the time the order is placed by the customer. In the event that this situation occurs, the operator will inform the customer immediately and possibly propose another performance.
  • The goods in the online store are updated at a certain interval and therefore there may be a situation where the difference between the status (quantity, product withdrawal, etc.) on the online store and in the actual warehouse is different, in this case the seller reserves the right to reject the order or part of it without compensation to the customer. An alternative may be offered, but the customer must agree to it.
  • The operator is obliged to protect the obtained data about the customer in accordance with the conditions specified in the personal data protection rules.
  • The operator reserves the right to contact the customer approximately 10 days after the purchase, in the form of an email with a request to fill out a questionnaire for the "Verified by customers" service from the Heureka portal.

Rights and obligations of the customer

  • The customer is obliged to enter the first and last name or company name in the registration form, the correct and complete postal address to which the ordered goods are to be sent, and their email address or telephone number.
  • The customer pays the total price, including any postage, at the latest upon taking over the ordered goods. The customer already understands the final price when filling out the order, even before its binding confirmation.
  • The customer has the right to cancel the sent order no later than the day of delivery of the goods.
  • The customer is obliged to ensure that no one has access to his login name and password, which he filled in during registration. Violation of this obligation is at the expense of the customer.
  • By filling out the registration form or binding order within the online store, the customer gives the operator consent to collect and archive personal data about the customer and his purchases.
  • The customer has the right to delete his personal data from the database if he asks the operator to do so in writing. The operator hereby undertakes to delete all customer data from the database within 3 days of receiving the written request at the latest.

Product price and payment terms

  • The buyer can pay the price of the goods and any costs associated with the delivery of the goods according to the purchase contract to the seller in the following ways:
  • In cash at the seller's premises at: Černá cesta 919/3, 735 35 Horní Suchá
  • Cash on delivery at the place specified by the buyer in the order
  • Cashless via paymentof the GoPay system
  • In the case of payment in cash or cash on delivery, the purchase price is payable upon receipt of the goods.
  • The seller does not require a deposit or other similar payment from the buyer.


Any complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the complaints procedure of the online store and the legal system in force in the Czech Republic. See the complaints procedure.

Withdrawal from the contract by the customer

  • The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 days of receiving the goods. If he decides to do so, he must send back the undamaged and complete goods, including any documentation or instructions, without signs of use or wear, within the specified period (the date when the operator receives the customer's intention to withdraw from the contract is decisive). This point does not apply to goods modified according to the wishes or needs of the customer (Made to order, etc.).
  • If the customer (consumer) withdraws from the contract. sends or hands over to the entrepreneur without undue delay, at the latest within fourteen days of withdrawal from the contract, the goods received from him.
  • Upon receipt of the returned goods, the operator will promptly refund the corresponding amount of the paid price of the goods, including delivery costs, to the customer within 14 days at the latest, in a manner agreed upon by both parties.
  • Before returning goods, we ask customers to contact the operator's staff at the email address:

Final Provisions

By sending an electronic order, the customer unreservedly accepts all the provisions of the terms and conditions in the wording valid on the day the order is sent, as well as on the day the order is sent, the valid price of the ordered goods, including shipping or postage, stated in the online store catalog, unless otherwise demonstrably agreed in a specific case .

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