The complaint procedure of the online store contains the information needed when making a complaint about goods purchased in our store. Together with the Purchase Regulations, it determines the conditions of sale and specifies the conditions and obligations of the seller (hereinafter referred to as the "operator") and the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the "customer").

General provisions

This complaint procedure applies to goods purchased by the customer in the online store (hereinafter referred to as "goods").

The operator is Vento Bohemia spol. s.r.o., with place of business 735 35 Horní Suchá, Černá cesta 919, ID number: 25825348

A customer is an entity that has concluded a contract for the purchase of goods with the operator.

Warranty conditions

If the goods show obvious defects, e.g. if they are handed over to the customer in damaged packaging, the customer is entitled not to accept such goods. However, he still retains the right to the provision of proper performance by the operator or, if necessary, the possibility to cancel the order of goods.

The customer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods and inform the operator of any detected defects without undue delay.

If product defects occur after the customer has taken over the goods during the warranty period, he is entitled to file a defect claim against the operator.

The warranty period is 24 months, 8 days for food products, 3 weeks for feed sales, unless the law provides otherwise. This warranty period always runs from the customer's acceptance of the goods.

The customer submits a claim by mail or in person to the address:

     Vento Bohemia spol. s.r.o. - COMPLAINTS

     Black Route 919

     735 35 Horní Suchá

Each claim must include:

  • Order Number
  • detected defects, including how they manifest themselves, or how it affects the functionality of the goods
  • a copy of the delivery note, invoice, proof of payment

The operator will decide on the complaint no later than 3 working days after the delivery of the defective goods and will notify the customer by e-mail, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.

The complaint, including the removal of the defect, will be handled without undue delay, no later than 30 days from the date of the claim, unless the operator and the customer agree on another solution.

The operator is not responsible for the wear and tear of the goods caused by their usual use after they have been taken over by the customer and for defects caused by poor handling of the goods and their unprofessional use by the customer.

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